Do you know that you can make many changes in your home without disturbing your home décor and style? The modern technology has made it possible for you. Now you can use vanishing televisions screens on your mirrors. These TVs has replaced the ordinary TVs and LCD. When you will turn off the TV the mirror will remain there without giving the signs of the presence of TV. It provides high-quality images and video results without creating a mess of wires and ordinary huge boxes of TVs.

There are many features of those TV mirrors:

Customization options

You are free to choose a variety of designs and frames of the mirrors with several sizes by using our services. provides a wide range of options for you to choose for your TV mirrors. You can customize your TV mirrors by using the frames, their sizes, display size, placement, and lights.

Large variety of frames

HDH provides you with a large range of frames with spectacular designs. You only need to choose a suitable one for you and we will help you to install your TV mirror.

Vanishing glass technology

The latest vanishing glass technology will help you to enjoy the unlimited entertainment when it’s turn on. While on the other hand, it becomes a mirror when you turn off the TV.

Fit to any space

These vanishing TV mirrors are designed for each and every place. HDH provides the vanishing mirrors for living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and even bathroom mirrors as well. You can choose your design and size and we will help you to install those mirrors. The plugs of vanishing mirrors are usually adjusted in an upright position in order to minimize its occupying space. In this way, it helps in avoiding the mess that is usually created by ordinary TVs.