When buying a newly built home or retrofitting an existing home, you might have heard of home automation as an optional premium feature. Home automation makes a lot of chores much easier and more efficient. Two useful components which can be incorporated into a home automation system are automatic window openers and automatic curtains. These devices are also available without interfaces for home automation integration, when they may be simply called powered or motorised windows or curtains, which reduce manual effort with the help of electric or hydraulic actuators. However, when these actuators have the ability to interface and integrate with a home automation system, it opens up a wide range of possibilities. Let us take a look at how automatic windows and curtain can make your life easier.

Open and close all your windows at the touch of a button

When it starts raining or when you want to close your windows for the night, it might be a chore to physically reach every single window and close it, especially if you have a large house. Hence, many of us may get lazy and leave the windows shut, hence reducing ventilation. With automatic windows connected to home automation, you can have the system close all the windows at the touch of a button on your smartphone or a remote.

Ventilate your home based on temperature from sensors

Automatic windows connected to sensors in a home automation system can keep the windows closed or open based on the temperature inside and outside your home. So, you can program them to open up when your home gets warm, and close when either your home is cooler or the outside is very cold. This can save you a significant amount of money on heating and cooling bills.

Optimise lighting and sunlight conditions

Automatic curtains can be programmed to close when you are watching TV to provide optimal viewing experience. You can also program them to close when you turn on air conditioning so that the sunlight does not add heat inside your home.

Enhanced safety

Automatic windows can be connected to smoke detectors and gas detectors and programmed to automatically open up and let the gases and smoke out in case of a fire. This increases the safety of your home.