The development of LAN and WAN has brought cheaper ways of controlling and using devices. A smart office or a smart home has become mandatory as we are living in an age of swiftness where every second matter. The utilization of new devices and the automation technology, lives have changed and productivity has been improved on a significant level.

Home automation

With home automation of domotics, you don’t have to get up and turn on switches where you have all the controls in your hand. By an LAN network, home automation connects all the electrical devices so that they can be easily controlled and utilized. By this, you can turn on or off light, heater, TV, sound system by one touch of your phone. Besides those, home automation comes with a lot of features for providing more comfort to the user.

Office automation

The term Office Automation or OA has been around since the 70s when computers were being used by offices to boost their productivity and do more in less time. Now OA has been improved by giving a lot of options for employees and employers to store and keep track of all the data and transfer them easily. Office automation has given an opportunity for people to work from home as all the data are easily accessible with security measurements. Every office needs modern-day automation for being at the top and increasing productivity.

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