Home automation is the new wave with people finding more ways to make their home comfortable. There has always been some sort of automation in homes from the days of gates which can be controlled with remote devices. Now there are certainly many upgrades to make the house more comfortable and some of these upgrades are listed below:

  1. Smart windows- these kind of windows are controlled by apps so that the amount of light which comes into the home is controlled with the blinds and windows working with automation. The home owner allows just the amount of light they want from the touch of a button.
  2. Smart lighting in the bedroom- the kinds of lights and intensity of the lights are controlled with the new upgrades. These upgrades ensure that lights can be dimmed for a romantic glow or brightened to read. All this is done at the discretion of the home owner.
  3. Smart plugs- these are wonderful upgrades which are not even expensive and can cost as low as 30 dollars. When these plugs are attached to sockets they help the owner to remotely control the amount of power and electricity flowing through that socket and that way control energy usage.
  4. Bath room speakers- you can have music in your bathroom with speakers which are connected by Bluetooth to your mobile device. All that needs to be done is to sync the device with the speakers and enjoy music while you bath.
  5. Slow cooker- we do have upgrades where cookers are connected to mobile devices and set at particularly low temperatures so that food can cook or warm over time.

Hdtech is working on providing this upgrade for all their customers and clients who want this upgrade in their homes.