Are you considering to buy a video surveillance system? Before contacting HDH Tech or any other potential surveillance system provider, you should consider what needs to be monitored with that video surveillance system. As cameras are the most important part of a video surveillance system, this article will revolve around the CCTV cameras.

Important questions to get an answer

Once deciding, you should move to the next set of questions that need to be answered. Try to find the answers to these questions:

  • Do you need to observe the usual goings and comings (vehicles) in your premise?
  • Do you wish to see the particular faces, goods, or the crowd?
  • Do you want that the surveillance should be secret, or do you wish to make the cameras visible and stop any notorious activities?

After getting answers to these questions, you should select the type of CCTV camera you want to be installed in your premise.

Types of CCTV Cameras

A wide variety of surveillance cameras is available in the market. Some major types are mentioned below:

·         Outdoor Cameras

These cameras often come with a weatherproof casing which gives it protection from extreme humidity and temperature.

·         Infrared Cameras

These cameras come with infrared LEDs positioned around the camera’s lens. They provide light so that the camera can see in the dark also.

·         Day/Night Security Cameras

These cameras feature a super sensitive imaging chip which allows them to work efficiently in low light also, without the need for any infrared LEDs.

·         Bullet Cameras

They are compact, small, and can be installed almost anywhere. They are best for secret surveillance and the best thing is that they cost less and are smaller in size.

·         Mini Security Cameras

They are some of the smallest cameras available but offer great resolution and are best for unnoticeable surveillance.

·         Dome Cameras

They are the most popular ones and they provide a professional and streamlined look to any organization, company or building.

However, before buying a video surveillance system you should also consider the DVR system as well as the cables and wirings.