Home automation has developed by leaps and bounds in the past few years. The credit to this development goes to improvements in the fields of science and technology. The cost of these systems was very high earlier but now these costs have come down by a large margin. Some of the most common home automation systems are lighting control system and security system. These systems have become far more effective and user friendly. Nowadays every person would be able to purchase one such system and use it effectively.

An automatic security system has become quite inevitable:

An automatic security system would have a network of CCTV cameras and also all the footage recorded by these cameras would be stored in a central storage system. One can retrieve these footages at any point of time if he or she has the authorisation. This makes sure that everything that happens in the premises of the house would go unnoticed. Also there would be video backup for a few days and hence even if something happens, the authorities would be able to find out about the intruder. These cameras would record for 24 hours for the entire week.

Stay notified

Most modern systems would have internet connectivity and hence if an intruder enters the house when the residents are not at home, then the residents would be notified via smart phones or tablets. Also the lighting control systems would turn on all the lights in the exterior of the house in order to alert the neighbours. Also in certain systems there would be provisions to notify the authorities in the area. Also sensors would alert the system if the doors or windows are broken.