Security is perhaps the most important thing to make sure about when it comes to an office or any kind of building. Especially if you are entrepreneur, you would have to ensure the security of buildings like go downs, offices etc. The conventional method would be to appoint security personnel in order to take care of the security. This is a quite expensive method and also at times, this method would not be very efficient. So the modern method is to install CCTV cameras. Such systems have different advantages when compared to conventional systems.


Unlike the conventional systems, CCTV cameras would be able to look at every corner of the building. Also, if humans are in charge of the patrolling then there are chances for missing certain details and there would be times when certain areas are left unattended. This would not happen if a CCTV system is installed. Also footage from the cameras would be stored in hard drives and hence can be retrieved whenever required. It can be ensured that the footage is only viewed by the authorised people.

The cost

The expenses associated with CCTV based security systems are much lower when compared to the conventional systems. The initial costs are high but when the system is analysed on the long run, the costs are low. As few as a couple of officials would be able to monitor a whole building with the help of CCTV cameras. Also the maintenance costs are quite low for these cameras. So once installed then can work for years without any trouble. So while make sure that the seller offers to do the maintenance works.