Surveillance video cameras are good investments for helping un keeping one’s property safe – especially when it comes to homeowners. In addition, this can come in handy as an opportunity to save money. In what way can it save you money? By installing surveillance cameras homeowners get to save money when it comes to house insurance. Most of the popular insurance companies around the globe give discounts, and by reading this article, a homeowner will have the freedom to choose whether to invest in security and surveillance system and intern benefit from the insurance discounts.

Reasons for these discounts

Insurance industry and policy are influenced by risk, the risk of a particular situation to occur and forcing them to recover the loses, for this reasons most of them prefer clients who are faced with little or no threat. On top of that, researchers have proven that homes that are monitored by surveillance cameras have allowed the probability of being burglarized. This is unlike those that are not under surveillance, where the homeowners will have to file their claims for any damages or losses. In this ways, insurance providers will have to spend more money to settle the claims, however, the availability of surveillance will be of benefit to both the insurer and the insured.

Basically, a burglar will shy away from homes that are under surveillance as they fear getting caught and prosecuted. A report by the Huffing Post suggests that homes without any form of surveillance are 300-time more likely to be burglarized. Insurance providers use this kind of statistic to reduce their expenses on claims.

What kind of surveillance system should you choose?

Most insurance providers will offer more or greater discounts when a homeowner uses more sophisticated and advances security systems. These are those systems that feature latest security technologies live remote access, interactive access, voice-controlled etc. These systems will not only make a homeowner safe but also proof the worthy of an insurance discount.

How much can you save

Several factors will affect the amount of discount a homeowner can get from having a surveillance system installed. The major one is the type of system or equipment installed. Others are the locality of the home, the size of the house and the insurance policy. However, the insurance discount always ranges from 12-15% depending on the policy.