With the ever developing and the ever changing technology, video conference will soon develop further, to meet the futuristic communication needs. Nothing stays static. Everything, including the communication technology, changes with the advancement of technology.

About more than 20 years ago, Bill Gates anticipated the rise of smart phones. In today’s world, it’s good to anticipate the future of technology, especially video conferencing. This will enable video conferencing to be made to meet the needs of future communication so as to overcome any geographical space that may hinder collaborative communications.

What are some of the future trends in video conferencing?


To understand the future of video conferencing, you need to understand the new devices that are now being incorporated into video conferencing, to make it more realistic, just like in-person meetings and communication. Some of the devices you’ll expect to see in future video conferencing are:

  • VR Boxes

There is no doubt that video conferencing is slowly replacing in-person meetings since people can now communicate in real time even when  they’re thousands of miles apart. Video conferencing will soon incorporate the use of VR boxes that will enhance its effectiveness. The VR boxes will let participants have a more realistic video conferencing interaction since they will allow people to express themselves using body language, eye contacts and facial expressions. These VR will make it possible to video conference in exact same way that people communicate in person.

  • Use of VoIP technology

Video conferencing now uses the most modern network known as Voice over Internet Protocol. This network has already replaced the traditional PSTN network. The use of VoIP ensures a smooth signal transmission for the video conferencing.

  • Use of HD and 4K video calling

In future, it will much easier and cheaper to hold video conference in HD and 4K video formats. Internet providers will provide consumers with networks strong enough and also cheap enough to hold HD and 4K video conferencing.