Automated lighting has gone a long way since it was introduced several years ago. Gone are the old ways of switching on/off your lights, where you have to stand and go to the main switch and push it on/off.  Gone are the situations, where once you forgot to switch off the light in going to the office, there is no way of doing it. With introduction of the internet and the modern smart phones and tablets, many innovations are invented that makes automated lighting more efficient for everyone.

What do you expect in the future of automate lighting?

  1. Expect a great driving experience at night. With the introduction of advance lighting sensors, lighting in the major highways and important roads will now be automatic. They switch off automatically when the exact requirement of light is attained and switch on back when if the exact amount of darkness is detected.  This will save the government money in electric consumption.
  2. Looking for parking spaces in a huge parking area is easier than ever. With the help of sensors, vacant parking bays are lit-up, which makes it easily spotted by the drivers.
  3. Walking in a building at night where the lights automatically switch on when you are nearby and automatically switch back off, after you passed by. This will again save businesses money in electric consumption.
  4. How about a voice activated lighting system in your homes and offices? This is a possibility.
  5. Switching on/off and dimming your lights at home while mobile is another possibility.

There are many more upgrades of applications and technology that will make your home lighting system more efficient and effortless.

How do we maximize the future of automated lighting?

Maximizing automated lighting in your homes and businesses, will depend on who you will engage, to do it for you.  You will need a company with the expertise in home automation, who has the reputation of good service in the community and has the right people, the right tools and the legality to do the job you required.

Where can we find the best automation company?

There are hundreds of automation companies, but, to make sure to engage the best in the market is thru referrals. The second option is the internet.  And once you can zero in a certain company, engage them in a discussion.  This time, be specific in your requirements, so they can come up with the best proposal.

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