Mirror TV is made up of a special glass mirror which is semi-transparent with an LCD TV behind the mirrored surface. The mirror is prudently polarized so that an image can transfer through the mirror but when the TV is off the device looks like a mirror.

Mirror TV is also known as Magic mirror TV and is becoming quite popular in kitchens, pools, bathrooms and luxury living rooms. In this case, a screen is placed behind a semi-transparent mirror. When the screen is off it looks like a plain mirror and you see the screen when the TV is on.

The Different types of mirror TVs

There are two different types of mirror TVs

·        Standard design mirror TV which can be installed on the wall or in-wall. These TVs come with fixed sizes of screens and mirrors

·        Custom design mirror TVs. These TVs are built according to the project depending on the customer’s interior. The glass mirror is made according to the size required.

In mirror TV production a semi-transparent mirror is used. Some part of the incident light is reflected to get the mirror effect when the light is off. When the TV is on it transmits the light from the screen behind the mirror to show the image.

What type of TV is kept behind the mirror?

Behind the mirror, they may have a regular TV mounted on a frame or one with a special design. The TV is made only for this application. A consumer TV can be used in this application with its popular interface, low price, and a remote control but it has a few defects, some parts can be seen through the semi-transparent mirror as frame and mirror cannot be fitted precisely and brightness is also low. It is better to have a special TV with metal heat dissipation case that fits precisely and has the required brightness.