A motorized window covering is a solar or battery powered blind that automatically works to control shades and helps you keep your home in the perfect lighting condition. It’s a recent technology that can be connected to your home automation system, providing you the most ideal natural light in your room. With motorized window blinds, you’ll be able to save money on heating expenses and transform your room into a cozier place for comfortable sleep.

How are they powered?

Generally, these window coverings have different powering options. There are wired powered, plug-in, solar powered as well as battery powered options. Each of these options has its own advantages and preferences, and the dimension of the window blind is the main factor that determines which powering option to choose.  The cheapest option is probably the battery powered coverings because they last for a very long time and do not require electricity to function. However, those who are always clamoring for green technology would be better with solar powered Motorized window coverings.

How durable are they?

Motorized window coverings are durable and some can last for years. However, their durability largely depends on the type of motor you choose. The best way to select the most ideal one is to find a product with a good warranty period. While some manufacturers provide a complete warranty on all parts of the product but on a limited time frame, others provide longer warranty but not on all its parts. No matter which one you select, make sure that the manufacturing company is renowned and lots of customers have provided positive reviews on the product.

With the increasing popularity of home automation options, motorized window coverings have expanded in the recent years. However, buying motorized window coverings is not a decision to be taken lightly considering the importance of such acquisition in your overall comfort. This is why you have to select the most ideal one that will serve you for a long time.