Whether it is trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions or conferences, all have one thing in common – they promote your products, services or brand via permission marketing and they are very different from normal interruptive alternatives. These promotional events happen onscreen and they provide options like sponsorship of the show, partnership or exhibiting packages. If you also want that your company should take part in live marketing events, then HDH Tech is the right partner. And if you have not made a decision yet, then you should consider the following advantages of trade show displays.

Investments Get Enhanced Exposure

The trade shows and exhibitions are very cost-effective methods to get in touch with qualified visitors. A substantial amount of investment is required to participate in these events but if you will spend the same amount of money in other activities of marketing, your ROI will be quite less.

Fewer Efforts and Better Results

The leads collected at a live business meet need significantly fewer efforts to get converted into sales. Exhibit Surveys conducted a research and reported that to close an eligible lead generated at the exhibition, only 0.8 calls were required. This figure was very less in comparison to 3.7 calls required to close a normal business sale. Moreover, 54 percent of the total orders received during the trade show doesn’t require personal follow-ups.

Competitive Advantage

Trade shows and exhibitions provide the exhibition booths of businesses the chance to gain importance over the competitors. When well-trained employees and staff members exhibit your business at trade show displays, you get a competitive advantage. These events are used as opportunities by company representatives to prove your business advantageous than others. They cleverly use these opportunities and point out that your product or service is superior in pricing and performance.