Video teleconferencing is a type of interaction via devices. It allows at least two people to remotely communicate at the same time. Some even call this as audio-video remote meet or simply a video meeting. If you are thinking it as different from a videophone, then you are absolutely right because it focuses on the conference and not on the individual.

The Components of Video Teleconferencing

The main components of video teleconferencing through renowned brands like HDH Tech include both hardware and software. In hardware, the main components are a camera, codec unit, video display unit, microphone, and speakers. In software, the basic requirements to successfully do video teleconferencing are desktop end-point application or browser-based interface, mobile video apps, and web conference software. Besides all these basic needs, an internet connection is the most important requirement without which video teleconferencing is not possible.

The Benefits of Video Teleconferencing

At present time, video teleconferencing is a common technology benefitting various businesses, its employees, and clients. Here are some of the main benefits provided by video teleconferencing:

  • Video teleconferencing helps in reducing costs and travel time. The managers, IT personnel, and internal team members can easily solve client’s issues without leaving the office.
  • The companies offering video teleconferencing facility to clients get a competitive advantage, thus increased business and profit.
  • Video teleconferencing helps in organizing structured meetings, no matter where the different employees or clients are. It makes an environment where everyone can benefit from improved communication.
  • Video teleconferencing allows the participants to remain in touch with each other in a better way, communicate in an improved atmosphere, and take the decisions rapidly. All this helps in increasing the productivity.
  • The mobility provided by systems from HDH Tech helps in employee retention. It reduces the hefty outdoor movements of employees, thereby allowing a good life/work balance.

With numerous advantages, video teleconferencing has become a business’s necessity.