A hidden mirror TV is created with the help of 3 simple components: A-frame, a display and a semi-transparent mirror (one-way mirror). It is a high tech home décor which has a very stunning look and is truly very amazing. By installing a vanishing mirror TV one would always get rid of the thick and bulky TV and make the interior of the house look a little less disturbing. 

The most suitable aspect for a mirror TV 

One of the most important parts would be to avoid the thickness of a TV. Companies like Samsung and Sony provide the brightest and the thinnest display which personifies the beauty of the place. Any standard mirror cannot be used for installing a vanishing mirror TV, a dielectric mirror which is also called as a semi-transparent mirror would give you a vanishing effect.

How to install- 

There are 5 major steps for the installation of a mirror TV:

  • Creating the front frame of the mirror: The TV would be covered by the frame and there would still be space for the glass.
  • Frame back-build: this will hide the TV completely from the edges.
  • Attach the TV: the TV should be placed back into the frame to get a perfect hold.
  • IR system: this allows the remote to connect and work with the TV even after the sensor is covered by the frame.

Turn on TV and adjust setting : switch on the TV and maximize the setting tab. For a better experience turn off the “eco saving mode” and make sure the brightness of the TV is turned up. 

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