These days, large video walls are used not only in formal institutions but also at workplaces and commercial centers to share information.


Large video walls can be used as a tool to communicate with the staff of a particular company and the message can be conveyed from any data source that the company deems necessary to use. Unlike an intercom system where only the voice message is involved, you can see the person with video wall communication which creates an atmosphere of trust.

Using a large video wall can improve customer service operations, such as maintaining effective communication, giving specific details on public transportation facilities and real-time advertising of different departmental stores if they have special offers.

If you have a business through which you provide various services to the public, you can make use of a large video wall to interact with the customers. Let your customers explore all the services that you offer and avail any service they need with the touchscreen technology.

A large video wall is a very effective tool for managing different situations e.g. it can be fed information from any source which can be channeled to one big screen, or it can allow security staff to see if there are any security breaches. It can also be useful in situations where early warning systems are needed to allow everyone to know what to do and how.


As the video wall technology is gaining popularity day by day, numerous companies are using the system to promote their businesses or give their customers a different experience when they visit the company. Gone are the days when the visitors were offered only a cup of tea. Now they can get the latest news, music or company services through an interactive video wall installed in receptions areas.