Do you wish to have a smoothly-running conference session which makes presentations and video conferencing take shorter time to finalize? Read on and find out how you can transform your video conferencing into a fluidly running system.

  • Create the right and a comfortable Atmosphere

In a conference room, a comfortable atmosphere is one with comfortable temperature, lighting and fresh air. You can control all these variable through smart office automation. When you install smart controls such as thermostats and motorized blinds, you could create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone, right before you begin presentation or video conferencing. Just by a single tap of a button, your motorized blinds will roll down to shield your room form excess sunlight; your thermostat will set the room temperature to match your preferred temperature and your room lighting system will be dimmed to match your presentation preference.

You could also customize your central control system into scenes which you can select, depending on your conference room’s needs. Just by a single touch and everything is working simultaneously.

  • Use only smart devices in your conference room

Instead of having to walk around your conference room to shut window blinds, switch off the lights physically turn on office heating system, you can automate your systems using smart automation controls. These smart devices lets you control such aspects such as lighting; heating; windows; and video conferencing equipment from one central touch panel control. This means you can shut down your system just by a single touch of a button on your touch panel.

  • Use top notch equipment for your display

You could also transform your video conferencing by using smart technology that lets you adjust your presentation volume and equipment volume from the comfort of your sitting position. This will ease your presentation session since you will only need to worry about the presentation contents; and not how the equipment operate.