Temperature controlling is very important in many industries. earlier this was done with air conditioners which were controlled manually. But with the development of technology, these air conditioning systems became automated. The advantage is that there no need for any personnel in order to operate the system. People would be needed only when there is a maintenance requirement in the system. The use of these controllers is different in different industries.

Heating oven:

Various kinds of furnaces or kilns are used in various kinds of industries. And in each industry, the oven would need to be heated to a particular temperature. The temperature should stay in the prescribed range. In such cases, an automatic controller temperature would monitor the temperature and would cause variations in the input to the oven and hence maintain the temperature in the range.

Packaging industry:

In a packaging industry, there would requirement for heating in various sections like glue applying, hot melting etc. In all these sections, the temperature should be precise or else the results wouldn’t be desirable. So an automatic temperature controller would be installed and this would take care of the temperature.

Food and beverage:

Food items would only fetch price as long as they are fresh. In the case of beverages, they need to be chilled. In all these cases, the temperature is a key factor. So an automatic temperature controller would ensure that the temperature is ideal and hence makes sure that the food items remain fresh. Baking and other similar processes requires precise temperature and only then the food items would taste as they should.