Automation is a field that is developing in leaps and bounds. also the costs of these systems have also come down a lot thanks to the fact that technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper. Also there are different systems like lighting, security, temperature control etc. Each one of these have their own advantages. And for complete automation there should be a coordination between all these different systems. These systems can be installed in houses as well as offices. Some of the most popular automated systems used in offices are:

The security system:

Every office needs to be safe and secure during working hours and also after these hours. An array of CCTV cameras and a central storage unit would be able to record and store every thing that happens in the office. This footage can be retrieved later in the future and can be viewed.

Also there would be sensors and hence the system would know when an intruder enters the building after the working hours. Also the doors would locked by the system and hence can be controlled centrally. Whenever a breach occurs the system would alert the authorities and also would notify the police department.

The temperature control system:

The temperature control system would have all the systems from window blanks to the air conditioners. The key advantage is that such a system would be able to save a lot of energy while it achieves a far more efficient cooling or heating. Also the controlling process can be done remotely from any location with a smart phone. So you can make sure that your office is at the right temperature before reaching the office.