The world is full of different kind of people – many believe in doing the right things all the time and very few are deviated towards wrong doings. They will not miss any chance to rob or cause any harm to you. It is because of such people that doors of houses have locks. After all, it is your responsibility to ensure that the property you live in and your family members are secure from criminals. Here are some simple tips and guide to improve the security of your home and family.

Improve the outdoor lighting

You should improve the outdoor lighting of your house and arrange the lighting in such a manner that shadows around entry points are minimized. If you do not prefer to leave the lights on all through the night, you can go for motion sensor lighting system from With such a system, the lights automatically turn on during any movement.

Plants in the garden should be trimmed

Intruders always prefer to enter the houses gardens and yards with many hiding spots because they can hide behind big plants and won’t be discoverable by the passer-by. You should trim the plants especially the ones near the windows and doors. This way the natural cover of intruders will be eliminated and they will hesitate to take a chance.

Install a security sign

It is a fact that the homes having security systems (like the one provided by installed have minimum possibilities of burglary. But do not allow the burglars to enter your property and disturb the alarm system, instead put a warning sign (mentioning that this property is under surveillance) on your main entry point. After reading it, most of the potential burglars will decide not to enter your premise and crimes can be prevented even before occurring.

Do not let newspapers/post pile up

The burglars are most attracted to houses where people are absent. Most people are aware of this fact and that’s why when they go for holidays, they leave some lights of their house on. But if there are newspapers or posts pile up in your house, the burglars will understand that nobody is inside the house and lighting is just an illusion.