With the increase in travel, hospitality industry is experiencing one of the biggest gains, compared to the other industry.  Investors are now focused in the industry and you can see the birth of many new resorts and hotels anywhere.  To cope up with the many infrastructures being built today, manufacturers and engineers are racing to design a new technology that will empower the consumers or businesses, to maximize the usage of their lighting system and the value of it.

The importance of HVAC and Lighting controls in the Hospitality industry

With the hotels and resorts insuring the comfort of their valued guests, they invest more in acquiring the best HVAC and Lighting system available in the market.

HVAC systems are fully installed to maximize the comfort experience of their valued guests.  Guest rooms, lobby, convention centers are all equipped with air conditioning system, to give the guests the best value for their money and stay.

Lighting system is as important as the HVAC System.  It brings the ambiance that will give more value to the hotel or resort.  A well lighted hotel or resort will not only keep your guests safe, but, it will also give more functionality to your hotel.  It includes not just the rooms and the hallways, but, it also includes the garden, parking and the perimeter fence.

Using HVAC and Lighting Controls, helps in reducing costs in the hospitality industry.

With the excessive usage of air conditioning and lighting systems in the hospitality industry, it is considered the top contributors in every hotels operational cost.  To be able to cope up with it, they installed automation controls in their system.  This will enable them to switch off and on the air conditioning system and the lighting system in a pre-set time.  This will at least give them a reduction in their electric consumption.

The company to engage

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