When you are thinking about automating your home, there are a few considerations you need to take into account as well as the materials that you need in this regard.


The planning stage is when you will get some idea of what materials are required and for your information, the main one will be the wires.

Materials: if you decide to fully automate the house, you need to make sure that there are neutral wires at each switch.

In wall transmitters: these transmitters are used to control different appliances and lights. You could have a transmitter that controls a certain set of lights and the placement of these where they need to be installed require careful planning. You don’t want a situation whereby the transmitters are in a place where it will be inconvenient to reach them.

Data cable: this is the cable used to control all the home appliances, such as the telephone, the TV and the music system. It needs to be installed with the correct configuration of for your home automation system. It would be advisable to get help from HDHTech that has installed many home automation systems.

Software: most of the home automation systems are compatible with the common operating systems, such as Windows. Mac, iOS and Android. Ensure that you can use your home automation system with the OS you use.


These are some of the technical aspects that need to be taken into consideration. You also need to know if the software that is relevant now will be up-gradable in the future because you would not like a situation whereby you need to change out the communication devices as well. Once you have done the planning, contact HDHTech since they will be able to advise on you the best long-term route to take.