Before making a CCTV purchase, experts recommend making certain important decisions and considerations. There are also codes of practice that you should take into consideration before implementing video security systems to ensure a good balance between civil liberties and personal protection.

Selecting the Right Video Security System

There is a world of benefits that you can get from a quality CCTV video surveillance and security system. In a home setting, these benefits range from home safety to crime detection while in a business setting this technology promotes staff and public safety, better business management and increase the security of merchandise and property.

To get the most of a surveillance system, be it for your home or your business place, it’s imperative that you understand what exactly you should look for in an efficient system. Additionally, you should know the best practices that are used in the industry for implementing video surveillance. The best way to do this is to work with a reputable CCT provider such as

Best Practices in CCTV Surveillance

Image size is a common flaw in CCTV surveillance. To get the most out of your surveillance, you should be able to recognize and identify the individuals who have been captured by the camera. Some footage from CCTV cameras is too small and with a poor picture quality. A good footage should be able to offer details that can be used for recognizing and observing individuals. This means the camera should be able to show clear images of people faces, the items their carrying; their clothes and other minor details that help identify an individual beyond any reasonable doubt.

A good surveillance must have at least one quality CCTV camera at the entrance. A video signal of not lower than 2fps is substantial for low-risk locations, while for high-risk locations the video signal should not be below 6fps. The video should be recorded at the original size and with very little compression and the video and image quality should be the same as if it was viewed live.