When it comes to security systems, in the earlier days, the systems available for homes were quite simple, and mostly relied on good mechanical locks. Electronic systems were also rudimentary, such as loud beepers to alert the neighbours. Devices such as CCTV cameras were synonymous with high-security government complexes. Then later the technology trickled down to larger corporations and banks, then smaller businesses, luxury homes and now the technology is at a point such that even many people with one bedroom apartment get a CCTV camera. Let us take a closer look at a few reasons why this technology has grown so popular and widespread.

It is a lot more accessible

Back in the day, CCTV cameras were highly complicated devices, requiring multiple pieces of hardware and complicated wiring. Installing and operating the system required highly trained people. Since storage was quite expensive, especially for video, often times all the feed had to be monitored in real time. Hence, only large governments and businesses could afford it. But today, you get small cameras, which you can just place on something or just stick somewhere with double sided tape if you like. The cameras connect to your existing home WiFi and require only power from any standard power outlet. Setting up can be done via simple software interfaces. Hence, it is within reach of almost anybody

It has gotten a lot cheaper

In its earlier days, technological limitations and the cost of labour for installing and operating CCTV made them quite expensive. But today, everything from camera sensors to networking equipment is mass produced at an unprecedented level, driving down the cost. It is quite easy for any small company to grab off the shelf components and make a CCTV camera out of it, and hence these cameras have gotten a lot cheaper.

Remote monitoring

Today’s internet-connected CCTV cameras allow monitoring of the feed remotely via your smartphone. This makes it easy to use, and you don’t need to install any specialised monitors. Remote monitoring also has the advantage of letting you monitor your home and any pets while you are away.

It works

The simple reason for something to get popular is that it works. If there is any crime, it can provide critical evidence. However, just having a CCTV camera is a strong deterrent for any potential criminal.