Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera surveillance systems have gained popularity all over the world in recent years across homeowners, business establishments and governments.  The installation of these devices has become valuable in keeping private property and public spaces safe and crime-free.  In the unfortunate event that offenses under the law occur, capturing the circumstances in CCTV footage has been instrumental in solving crimes and making sure justice is enforced.   

CCTV Surveillance Systems Deter Crime

CCTV cameras allow us to monitor our homes and businesses even if we are not around.  A good automation system will even enable us to switch on home appliances and lighting via remote should an alarm reach us that a security breach has been committed.  We can act defensively before anything untoward can happen to our property and the people we have left on the premises.

The value of an optimized CCTV system cannot be undermined.  It can save the lives of our loved ones and preserve property from being damaged or stolen.

CCTV- Investigators’ Partner in Solving Crime

Law enforcement uses CCTV footage in many ways to solve crimes.  It can be used primarily for the identification of suspects, vehicles or witnesses.  Timelines can be established as well as the accuracy of any witness accounts of the crime. It can be used to source out possible leads, directed forensic investigation and monitor suspicious entities in an area.  CCTV captures have also been instrumental as evidence in courts leading to the conviction of criminals.

Not only does CCTV surveillance help prosecute the guilty, but it also helps clear the innocent as well. These videos are also used by police in training for improvement of crime prevention procedures as well as the improvement of their response in law enforcement settings.

Take comfort that when you install high-quality, reliable home automation and security systems with HDH Technologies, you contribute positively towards the general safety of your community. Keeping our locality safe has become our shared responsibility.