What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is the process of facilitating a live, visual connection, and this usually done between two or more people, at different locations, at a particular time, all for the purpose of communication. This is a conference held between two or more people at different sites, using computer networks to transmit audio and video data, right in the moment.

Cost reduction through Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing, a tech that is fast developing in the computer world does not necessarily take up the place of face-to-face meetings, but goes a long way in cutting down cost on the actualization of small scale meetings.

While a company is vying to seal a deal with another company, having a video conference might not really suffice, as such collaborative meetings requires the actual presence of individuals, such that relationships are being built. The visiting party gets to become familiar with the employees of the intended partner. The feeling of the environment’s workspace will not really be detailed in a video conference.

A sum up of the costs that are being eliminated in traveling to various smaller meetings could really aggravate to become a huge reduction in cost for a company.

Employing the services of tech companies like HDH Tech can help create a custom and seamless interconnected system that eliminates the need to travel distances (irrespective of how short) for communication of information.

Increased Productivity: A reward of Video Conferencing.

Employing Video conferencing in the passing of information or executions of meetings can help employees of a company focus on the job at hand, and as an employer, considering this would be a huge plus to effectiveness of employee. Video conferencing brings about flexibility in fixing pertinent meetings, such that employees are able to brief employers of progress, while at their respective desks, able to carry out other task relating to the issue discussed. It saves time of movement (where meet-and-greets are inevitable), and such time is invested in more relevant issues.

Video conferencing does not take the place face-to-face meetings but it sure is a flexible and handy alternative to it (In some cases, of course)