The world we live in today is full of insecurities. As technology becomes more advanced, thieves also become clever. That’s why many homes today are investing in home security and surveillance systems, which are aimed at providing smarter home protection to family members.

Are you thinking about investing in home security and surveillance system? Every home is a good candidate for these systems which have been designed to provide lifelong protection. At you will only be required to pay the initial price for purchase and installation of the equipment and you can continue enjoying the beefed up security in successive years by only paying maintenance fees.

Which Is The Best Home Security And Surveillance System For Homes?

The type of a home security system that you choose depends on a number of things including the type of house, your budget, requirements, needs and most importantly your preferences. The system you chose can be as simple as an alarm system or as complex as a complete security overhaul for your residential property.

Top 3 Common Home Security and Surveillance Systems

 The most common home security features than many homes request for include: CCTV, perimeter security, and alarm

CCTV – this is often considered a home automation system and the ultimate security solution. This system is characterized by security cameras which are installed in strategic locations in your property and act as the watchful eye. CCTV cameras monitor every entry and exit into your property and can also be installed inside the house to monitor activities indoors. There are families who use CCTV surveillance to keep a watchful eye on their house workers and their teenage children or young adults.

Perimeter Security

Before you even think about securing your home from the inside, it’s important that you begin by securing the perimeter. Basic security systems like an electric gate and electric fencing can beef up the security of your perimeter


Like earlier said, thieves have evolved with the changes in technology. Some smart thieves might be able to pass through the perimeter security unless you have an alarm system that will alert you to an intruder trying to forcefully gain access.