Not very long ago, most residences and businesses relied on the trust baseball bat as the first and last line of defense against burglars and intruders. Clunky smoke detectors which couldn’t differentiate between an overdone pot roast and a real emergency fire were the norm. Not anymore.

Wireless technology
Today’s gadgets offer the best in wireless technology. Not only do the wireless sensors do away with ungainly wires, drilled into the walls, GSM technology has given them range. Now, your home security gadgets through a control panel, can go wherever your smartphone has a signal. So, while on a cruise or if you decide to take a trip to space, then don’t expect to be connected to your home security system. But otherwise, any security system provider worth its salt will provide you maximum connectivity. One such provider, leaders in home automation systems, with 20 years in the industry is HDH Tech ( They are your one stop shop for all home and commercial automation needs.

How can wireless technology help you?
With this wireless technology, you can be connected to your home systems at all times and quickly check if the alarm was tripped by an intruder or the family dog. You don’t need to be home to let the cleaning service in and you can easily view their activities while there, in the gigabytes of footage recorded in your DVR. Also, the easiest way to circumvent a home system used to be to cut the telephone line – so there is no way for the system to call for help.

Camera technologies have grown by leaps and bounds – instead of grainy feeds, we now how vivid color images, which you can remotely pan or zoom into. All these are in devices that are small enough to blend into your décor or even disappear completely from view. Smoke detectors now can understand different heat thresholds. Temperature and humidity sensors can alert you to fires or flood risks.

A multitude of applications and talented developers, have made the integration of security systems, lighting, entertainment and HVAC systems completely seamless.
And the premier name amongst those at the forefront of this change are HDH Tech

At HDH Tech, you will find numerous options, to mix and match to your particular requirement. It’s easy to get carried away and go for the latest gadgets but you can be assured HDH Techs security specialist will tailor make your system for the maximum security of your loved ones or business.