What it includes?

In the current time, the world has become closer as the communication has become easy. The latest technology, video teleconferencing is the online meetings which occur between two or more parties where both of them can see images of each other and both of them are able to listen and speak in real time. The important components of the technology includes

  • Speaker
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Display
  • A computer program which captures voice form microphone, encodes voice, transfer it to other participant, decode voice stream.
  • A program which can bridge the parties together through digital connection, exchanges video and voice between parties. At both the need of connection, voice and video traffic is delivered to other in real time.

Conducting methods

The concept of video conferencing is useful for conducting meeting between people staying at different locations. The method helps in saving time and money at the same time. The video meeting can happen in two ways; point to point or multi point. Hdhtech.com has received number f inquiries for teleconferencing technology.

The point to point conferencing is the simplest scenario and it is the one where one group or person is connected with anther. The components such as camera and microphone allow the meeting to occur and integrate in desktop solution such as tablet or laptop and can also be combined with room based hardware. The desktop solution is used by the individuals and the room based solutions are used for dedicated video conferencing so that group of people can be seen and heard.

The multi point calls allows connecting 3 or more location at the same time where all participants can see and hear each other. Content can also be shared during meeting. The information stream of video, voice and content is processed by independent software which is central. The voice and video traffic is combined and the data stream is sent to other participants in real time.