There is a revolution going around where people’s homes are smart and everyone is getting on the bandwagon. The problem is some people assume that it is expensive because it all looks so nice and sophisticated. Truth be told, smart homes are not as costly as we all imagine. If you are a standard homeowner or evening a renter, there are many smart components you can afford. Some of these components are only expensive when they are first introduced into the market. If you have some patience and desire for a smart home, just wait for the prices to drop like some we have come across that cost well under $100.

Smart plug

Smart plugs provide control to any devices and equipment plugged in and they serve al the regular purposes of an outlet.

Smart lighting

There are certain plugs that can control regular lamps but you can go for a smarter choice that is more sophisticated. Energy saving bulbs that can also be controlled from your smartphone are now on the market.

Smart gardener

If you are passionate about your garden that’s a good thing. But we all know there are some plant chores, like proper watering, we would all like to avoid. There is an affordable smart gardener, with plant sensor, that tracks the health of your plants. You can even view status on your smartphone.

Smart sensors

Sensors are the part of a smart home that make it automatic. There are sensors that can detect humidity, motion, light and temperature and they are available fro a good price.

Smart surveillance

You don’t have to spend a boat load of cash to achieve smart surveillance. Some smartphones you aren’t using anymore and a webcam app is all you need to put one together by yourself.

Home automation makes for more advantageous living. If you don’t have an idea of where or how to start you can seek help from experts like