Home automation has become a field that is growing very rapidly, thanks to the advancements in science and technology. All the various kinds of home automation equipment have advantages of their own and the most important one are ease of usage and reduction in the amount of energy used. When it comes to home automation systems, the most popular one is the lighting control system. The conventional method of switching the lights ON and OFF using switches are gone. These automated lighting systems make use of sensors and other devices to make sure that the lights are only switched ON when they are required.

The automated lighting system gives you an additional sense of safety:

These days automated lighting systems are connected to other such systems in the house. And when a security breach occurs which would be detected by the security system, then the lighting system would in turn switch ON all the lights in the house in order to alert the neighbours.

Also there will be provision for the owner to do this when it required. Since all the lights are centrally controlled, switching them all On at the same time is not a problem at all. You can even control the amount of a time a particular light would glow that is the light would be switched OFF after the prescribed time.

Reduces your electricity bill by a fair margin:

In the case of lights in bedrooms and toilets, they would be switched ON only when a person enters the room and also they would automatically turn OFF when he or she leaves. Also the brightness of the lights would be controlled so that the bulb only glows at the required brightness. This again helps in reducing the usage of electricity.