The introduction of electronics has revolutionised almost every aspect of our life. Most tasks of out life can and have been simplified by application of electronic devices in some way or another. Modern electronics have also made simple computers extremely cheap and small. This has enabled various ways of automation to further simplify a lot of simple and laborious activities. Until now, the effects of automation were mainly seen in industries and other workplaces, but with the reducing cost and increasing accessibility, it is being seen more and more for home applications as well. Initially, it was limited to some tinkerers, electronics enthusiasts and early adopters. But now, with many companies offering commercial smart home solutions, these devices are seeing even more adoption. Let us take a look at some reasons why smart homes are the future of how we live our lives.

Unparalleled convenience and ease

Modern technology has allowed all of us to live a life of such comfort and ease which was only within the reach of royals a few centuries ago. A lot of chores have been delegated to machines and the remaining ones have been made a lot easier. This ease and convenience can be taken to the next level by smart home technology. A lot of things that were a chore requiring a lot of manual work have been mechanised. Now with smart home technology, you don’t even have to worry about turning those machines on and off. Your coffee machines can automatically make coffee for you when you get out of bed. Your lights can automatically detect your presence and turn on. Your refrigerator can detect the food that you put in and set the right temperature as well as inform you if you are running low.

Efficiency – the necessity of tomorrow

In the future, efficient devices will not just be a nice thing to have, but an absolute necessity. As we have more and more technology available, the energy consumption of our home keeps increasing. Over the past century, the average energy consumption has kept on increasing at a high rate. In addition, the developing countries are increasing their energy usage exponentially as they catch up with the developed countries. Thus, high energy efficiency and minimizing wastage is an absolute necessity. Smart home devices will allow a lot of new techniques to maximize efficiency.