NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2014 / / — Hy Haddad, president and founder of HDH Intelligent Technologies (, is no stranger to home automation. He and his staff of experts have installed countless automation systems, from blind controls, lighting controls, and, of course, home audio systems, making the lives of their customers a little more comfortable. With Equinox home automation control products, Haddad says that customers now have the option of having a minimalist wall-mounted presence providing quick and intuitive control of lighting, climate, and home audio systems.

“The new line of Equinox products is truly amazing,” explains Haddad. “Equinox offers the ultimate in home automation control systems.”

According to Haddad, Equinox control systems are designed to meet any home automation need. The Equinox 73, for example, featuring a minimalistic 7-inch LCD wall screen with a widget environment much like that of a smartphone or tablet, provides a personalized dashboard for multi-system control. 
“There are other Equinox models that pack just as many options as the Equinox 73, but come in a smaller package,” Haddad says. 

Haddad notes that although the Equinox 40 has smaller a 4-inch screen display, it is perfect for home automation use. Its keypad features an aesthetically-pleasing glass panel that adjusts to ambient light, allowing the user to read and change settings quickly and simply, even in darkness. With all of the features of the Equinox 40 has to offer, Haddad says that the options for creating the perfect personalized home atmosphere are endless. 

“You might think that home automation systems are quite complex, but the truth is that they are not,” says Haddad. “Whether you choose the Equinox 73, Equinox 40, or the soon-to-be-released Equinox 41, you can rest assured that with the always-on minimalist design interfaces will allow you to achieve intuitive control of lighting, climate, and audio, in a clean and simple manner.”