There are different types of systems when it comes to home automation. The most popular systems are the ones used for security, lighting, and air conditioning. There would be a central processing part and all the equipment would be connected to this processor. Also the resident would be able to control all the equipment with the help of a remote which can be a smart phone. But when it comes to the popularity of the home automation systems, there are mainly three misconceptions.

The cost:

Most people think that the home automation systems are very expensive. This was true till a few years back, but when nowadays, with all the advancements in technology, all the home automation systems have become very reasonable. Also the fact is that the benefits of the home automation systems would out weigh their cost.

The complexity:

When it comes to the complexity of the automation systems, there is nothing much to speak about. There would be just a central processor and this is the only complex part. All the other equipment would be connected to this central processor. So if in case a problem occurs, the maintenance would be quite easy since the technician just has to check one place.

Usage is quite easy:

Another misconception is that it is quite difficult to use these home automation systems. But the fact is that all these systems are quite user friendly. All people irrespective of their technical knowledge will be able to use the systems effectively. Also there would be demonstrations from the part of the company technicians in order to make sure that the consumer would be able to use the system well.