Home automation systems help you in connecting your electronic and communication devices present at home. Various electronic devices in a house are controlled by interfaces like switches and remote controls. And when it comes to installing an automation system from HDH Tech, different equipment with different features are available. Some basic components of a home automation system are outlined here.

Wiring Closet

It is a small closet designed to keep many wires together and provide swift access anytime. This wiring closet can be kept in front of the house so that external wires (like cable wires, etc.) can be easily connected.

Patch Panel

It is the mind which controls all the cables present in a house. A patch panel is also used to change cables’ functions. A socket can simply be unplugged from one place and plugged into another.


There are many kinds of connections based upon the wiring systems. Also, the kinds of outlets are different so that different sockets and plugs of different electronic items can fit into them.

Touch Screens and Keypads

Keypads are the simple way to communicate with the gadgets and the controls which use touchscreen technology are the costliest.

Smart Switches

These panels are a flexible and simple way to establish control and they can also be dynamically changed. The smart switches panel integrates both light and entertainment. For example, smart switches can easily dim the lights or increase the speakers’ volume.

Remote Controls

In home automation systems, a single remote control is used for operating air conditioners, televisions, lights, and blinds.


For the functioning of home automation systems, a software is installed on a PC (Personal Computer) or a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). Then all the connected devices at home can be controlled via a secured webpage from anywhere in the world.

Some other equipment like – Impedance matching systems, Multi-zone control systems, Distribution panel, Modulator, Router, and Network Interface Cards – also completes the home automation systems.