Creston is a company that has designed and keeps designing automated systems which functions to ensure that a person has control of his building and premises at every point in time and with a touch of a button. This control can be from his laptop computer or from a touch pad or phone. This system controls lightning,  asses to the home through doors, shades of the windows and many other features within the house which can be electrically controlled.


Many a times the major problem which Creston system develops usually has to do with the wiring of the system and sometimes the switches and panels can be faulty. Some dealers and installers can be less than truthful and so they install wires which do not have the capacity to carry out the function which they have been installed for. Overtime these wires might burn and be unable to perform their function and thereby cause a break in the integrity of the system such that it does not function again.

In such a circumstance all we at Hdtech need to do is to trace the wires with our equipment and determine which of the wires has either burnt or cut. Such a wire can be replaced and we have the system functioning well again. Yet, for precaution we check all the wires and if the wiring system needs changing then we do so.

We also encounter a lot of problems with burnt switches and the solution to this is to change the switch and we have the system up and running well again. Sometimes, in rare but grave situations, we could have panels of devices burning. When such panels have burnt the panels have to be replaced before the system can begin to work again.