When it comes to buying a house or building a house, installing home automation systems have become a very important part. In fact almost every house has at least one automation system. The important thing to note is that these home automation systems are much cheaper nowadays when compared to a few years back. Also when compared to the advantages that they have, they are worth their cost. Some of the most popular home automation systems are:

Security system:

Automatic security systems have the ability to provide multiple levels of security to a house. They have the ability to notify the resident if an intruder enters the premises even if the resident is not home. The notification can be send through smart phones. Also a distress signal can be send to the local authorities like the police.

Also if an intruder enters the house, then the security system would be able to monitor the activities that the intruder is up to. This is due to the fact that the security system would be connected to a chain of CCTV cameras. These cameras can record the intruder and hence this can be used as evidence against him.

Lighting system:

This is probably the most commonly used home automation system. The key benefits of installing one in your house is that the energy bills would come down and also that the system would be able to aid the security system. Since most of the lighting systems comprise of LED lights and hence the brightness of the lights can be controlled. Also you can remotely control the lights in all parts of the house with the help of your phone and hence you can switch all the lights and alert the neighbours when a security breach occurs.