People are very critical about the different features that are present in their house. And home automation is some thing that almost everyone would like to have in their house. The fact is that the cost of these systems have come down by a large margin, thanks to the advancements in technology of different kinds. The advantages that these systems have are numerous. The most important ones are that the usage would be easy and also there would be reduction in the usage of energy.

The automatic lighting system:

Most of the lights these days are LED lights and hence in an automatic lighting system, the resident would be able to control all the lights in the house with the help of a single remote. These days this control can is also possible with your smart phone. Since the lights are LEDs the brightness of the lights can also be altered according to the requirement. The system would have sensors and hence the system would be able to switch off the lights when there are no people in the room. This would help in reducing the electricity consumption.

Automatic security system:

This system would be able to notify you if an intruder enters your house even if you are away. The notification would be sent to your phone. Also the system would be able to alert the neighbours by turning all the lights on the exterior ON. Also in some cases, an alert signal can be send to the local guards.

The system would also have a network of cameras and hence the intruder would be caught on camera and this footage can be used by the police as evidence.