Home automation has come a long way and nowadays almost every house would have at least one system of home automation. The reason for the increased popularity of the home automation systems is that they provide a lot of benefits. The most important benefits are that these would enable us to control various equipment in our house very easily. A few years back, these systems costed quite a bit and hence people were reluctant to buy these. But with the developments in technology, the costs have come down by a fair margin. Also the benefits that these systems provide outweigh the costs that needs to be spend to install them.

Making your house safe and secure:

If an automated security system is in place, then you would be notified through your smart phone if an intruder enters the house. This would happen even if you are not at home. Also the security system would be linked with the lighting system and hence when an intruder enters, the lights around the house would be turned on and hence the neighbours would be alerted. Also the intruder would be caught on camera and hence the police would be able to catch the culprit.

Air conditioning:

The automatic air conditioning system would control the temperature of the house. This control can be done from our smartphones and this can be done even when you are out of the house. The air conditioner would be connected to the internet and hence can be controlled remotely via a smart phone.

The lighting system:

This is the most common home automation system. The sensors in the system would be able to switch the lights off when there is no one in the room.